Message From Principal

Since its inception 1993, college is working hard to promote girls education. Now in 27th year of its journey, college is a known name in nearby areas. It is recognized for its holistic education, discipline and ethics. College has emerged as a beautiful amalgam of the traditional and the modern and is an institution that not only believes in intellectual, emotional, cultural and social development of its students. From beginning College has offered its students the environment to raise self confidence and platform for self expression.

The college is running all the three streams on U.G. level and few P.G. courses. The teaching learning programmes are marked with personal mentoring. Students are encouraged in collaborative teams. In our college moral values are an integral part of education. This is how we try to make them good human beings first.

The COVID-19 crisis has led to a reshaping of our educational landscape. The suspension of teaching in Physical classrooms posed an imprecedented challenge. But some teaching shifted to the online mode and our teachers readily and most efficiently adopted to this drastic change in the tending environment. Right since a nationwide lockdown was enforced on march 24, Our faculty members are giving lectures online on apps like Google Meet, Whatsapp, Youtube and Cisco webex. Our teachers worked round the clock to supply online notes and audio files to our students. Not only this, they understood the importance of blended learning and attended numnerour online webinares and workshops to upskill themselves to meet with challenges in post COVID era. This shows that our college takes the cause of teaching with a mission ary deal
We welcome you to be a part of C.I.S.K.M.V. family.

Dr. Bimla Parmar